Advantages of CLIC

Pipe and cable fastening system for the sanitary and electrical industries

The single-piece, self-closing CLIC 8 – 127 mm fastening solution is highly efficient, thanks to up to 60% faster installation. The CLIC pipe and cable fastening system is suitable for the installation of cables, looms of cables and pipes of any kind in houses and moderate environments.

CLIC fastening system

Thanks to the varied product line, the CLIC fastening system offers suitable applications for all areas:

  • Irregular wall distances
  • Various fastening points next to each other
  • Cables on pipes or pipes on pipes
  • Fastening on wood, concrete or bricks
  • Rail systems, screws M6/7/8/¼“, fire-resistant anchors

Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you find the perfect solution for your application.

KIWA and UL certification

CLIC is tested and approved by KIWA® and UL® (see Wikipedia). These renowned certification institutions confirm the safety of CLIC for use in drinking water supply lines.

Fields of application

CLIC is suitable for indoor and outdoor sanitary and electrical installations of any kind. Based on the excellent outgassing rates, CLIC is also used for installations in clean rooms of laboratories, hospitals and in the semi-conductor industry. The pre-assembly of the retention points and the subsequent CLIC-king in of the cables or pipes with one hand reduces the installation time, thus saving costs in the amount of 60% compared to conventional systems.

Dimensions, specification sheets, declarations of conformity, certificates and material properties are available for download.

Single-handed installation

The original CLIC is easy and fast to install: position the pipe, push on lightly and the lock closes automatically.

Broadest selection

Choose from our large product line, depending on the environmental conditions and field of application

  • CLIC – the proven solution for indoor use
  • CLIC TOP – to meet the highest demands for indoor and outdoor uses

In addition, different colours are available.

Internationally certified

All sizes of CLIC and CLIC TOP have been tested by the renowned international certification agencies. This will assure you that you have made the right choice.

Resistant to chemicals

Based on many years of experience, our focus is on the selection of the proper plastic material.
Therefore, we have the quality to match any requirement.

No corrosion, UV and weather resistance

The CLIC pipe clamp can withstand extreme temperatures up to +150°C and is resistant to corrosion and weather. As it is UV-resistant, CLIC TOP is likewise suitable for outdoor installations.

Flammability ratings

 UL94 HB standards (see Wikipedia) are met, depending on the field of application and the requirement. 


The plastic materials used are halogen-free and burn under “low smoke“ criteria.


The special design of the two power-transmitting parts achieves an efficient noise reduction. Consequently, CLIC pipe mounting clamps are ideal for conduits carrying liquid media.


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