CLIC system solutions

Systematic installation

CLIC is more than a pipe clamp: CLIC is a comprehensive installation system with perfectly coordinated parts that can be used individually or combined in an object-related manner.

Examples of the system – perfectly coordinated parts and sets

Direct installation

The CLIC can be mounted directly onto the appropriate base by means of a wood screw and DELTA nylon plug or with a hanger bolt and CLIC bolt and DELTA nylon peg or drive-in peg or fire-resistant dowel.

CLIC on CLIC installation

CLIC on CLIC installation using a threaded bolt and two CLIC flange nuts

Installation on a base plate

Installation of two CLICs on a base plate with TILCA nail plugs

Installation on a spacer

Installation using spacers is suitable for uneven foundations in tunnels, for distances necessary to ensure correct operation, such as for fastening radiating cables or for overcoming obstacles.

Illustration left: Depending on the requirements of the application, i.e. whether square or round, the CLICs and spacers are mounted by means of fire-resistant anchors and threaded bolts, stainless or galvanized wood screws and nylon plugs.

Illustration right: To meet different requirements, our product range includes various fastening options. Round spacers with a length of 80/50 mm are often used for installations in tunnels.


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