Examples of uses

CLIC is used all over the world

Egli Fischer exports CLIC to more than 40 countries worldwide. This high-quality Swiss product has established itself wherever its particularly high quality standards are in demand.

Properties such as corrosion resistance, safety, efficiency and easy installation make CLIC a favourite for indoor installations of any kind (ventilation, electrical, heating and heat recovery, etc.).

Radiating cables in road tunnels

One of the first successful uses of CLIC was in the Schöneich (CH) road tunnel, where radiating cables had to be mounted for emergency and mobile communications. When the tunnel was renovated in 2001, the old cabling had to be replaced with new cables featuring better electrical properties. After 20 years of extreme strain caused by fluctuating temperatures, humidity and exhaust gases, the nearly 4,000 CLIC pipe mounting clamps could still be opened without any problems and were replaced with new CLICs when the replacement cables were installed.

Corrosion- and fire-resistant – ideal for the ship-building industry

CLIC was used for all water and compressed air lines on the European Vision (later called MSC Armonia, see Wikipedia), which was built in the Alstom Atlantique dockyards in Saint-Nazaire (F). Hot, cold, cooling and service water flows in copper conduits that were fastened with CLIC. Based on tests conducted by Alstom, the resistance against theatmospheric pressure of seawater and the flammability ratings were the main reasons in favour of using CLIC. Alstom has equipped other passenger vessels with CLIC, including the Queen Mary II.


Several conduits and cables were installed in a CLIC pipe mounting clamp under the Ponte Val Calanca Bridge in Switzerland. This solution has also proven effective in the harsh alpine climate.

Electrical and sanitary installations around the world


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