Examples of uses

CLIC TOP for the harshest of uses all over the world

Egli Fischer exports CLIC to more than 40 countries. This high-quality Swiss product has established itself wherever its particularly high quality standards are in demand.

Properties such as corrosion resistance, safety, efficiency and easy installation make CLIC TOP a favourite for outdoor installations with exposure to chemicals or weather. It is also used in nuclear power plants (electrical conduits) and waste incineration plants (pipes for wastewater, heating and heat recovery).

High-speed in the tunnel

Since 2002, state-of-the art tilting trains of the type ICE 3 (see Wikipedia) have been operating at speeds of up to 250 km/h in the tunnels on the Cologne–Rhine/Main (DE) railway line. Radiating cables are fastened here on a total distance of 47 km with nearly 45,000 CLIC TOP pipe mounting clamps. The installation system for the high-quality fastening points also includes different types of stainless steel screws (A4).

Furthermore, CLIC has been used successfully in other railway tunnels as well as on underground railway lines in Vienna, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Los Angeles and other world cities, in some cases already for many decades.

Wastewater treatment plant

CLIC TOP pipe clamps were used to fasten more than 800 m of PVC conduits in a wastewater treatment plant.

The pipes transport metered chemical substances for the treatment of drinking water. They have been installed in both indoor and outdoor areas. CLIC TOP was chosen for its ease of installation and its excellent resistance to weather exposure.

Sodium hypochlorite production facility

The facility produces sodium hypochlorite from seawater. The sodium hypochlorite is metered for the treatment of drinking water. This facility works under the most extreme of conditions – CLIC TOP pipe mounting clamps were used for their resistance to weather exposure and efficient installation.

Geothermal probes

CLIC TOP 113 on spacer blocks were used to attach the distribution panels and geothermal probes. The fast and clean installation was the driving factor in favour of using CLIC system solutions.

Oil refinery

CLIC TOP pipe clamps have proven highly effective for fastening conduits on the oil refinery in Cressier (CH), the largest oil refinery in Switzerland (see Wikipedia).

Moscow Metro

Photo: A. Savin
licence: click on picture

The radiating cables for operating and security communications in the Moscow Metro (see Wikipedia) were fastened with CLIC TOP pipe clamps.


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